Picking The Right Website Company

Finding a website company

In order to pick the right website company for your needs, there are several questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Are they trustworthy?
  2. Are they reputable?
  3. What are their policies?
  4. Do they tailor to my needs?
  5. Do they have the experience they claim?


Have you ever felt like the invoices you’re receiving don’t add up compared to the work? Unfortunately, that’s probably because they aren’t. A lot of website companies take advantage of your lack of knowledge on the web. All work done should be explained, after all, you are the one paying for the services. If you aren’t being told what’s being done and why, ask questions, and try researching if other people have had similar experiences with the company.


Are people talking about the company you’re choosing, has anyone heard of them? Do they actually do good work? Look for testimonials and check their portfolios, a good rule of thumb too is to follow up on portfolio items, click through the links and see if people are actually using – or are still using the website made by the company. A lot of work gets outsourced these days and the end result is a decent looking website with barely any functionality, so it’s wise to have a play around on the website from the portfolio and make sure it’s up to your standard.


Is your personal information safe? Make sure you check company policies before proceeding with them, or even before handing over an email address. As stated above, a lot of work gets outsourced these days and you could find yourself being hounded by email or phone for unsolicited services. More than that, though, is that your private company information could be up for grabs, for example: client information, suppliers, business models and even payment information. Make sure they have an up to date privacy policy and terms of service, and make sure to read every piece of fine-print.

Your needs

It’s easy to find a website company willing to take on your job. But are they experienced enough to do so professionally? The website industry is huge, so most companies try to tailor to a niche market, for example: some developers and designers might cater to caravan parks, while others focus on tourism, food or drinks; finding someone with experience in what you need is paramount, or you could find hundreds of extra hours billed in them fiddling around or researching, or simply chasing their tails. Again, check their portfolio, check their services and choose wisely.


Another good reason to research the website company you’re choosing is to find out if they actually have experience. A lot of people use premium templates and modify minor points, taking a lot of hours of work off but still billing full price and marketing it as their own work. Check their work, ask around, if possible, even contact the company who’s website you’re previewing and ask them what they think of the people in control over their website. If they’re happy they’ll be more than happy to let you know.

Summary for picking a website company

If you combine the five major points you can come to your own conclusion. Are they honest? Do they have proof of work? Do their policies protect me? Can they do what I need them to? Are they capable?