About Us

A little about us.

Why do I constantly refer to “we” and “us” when the website is Edward Tate? That’s because I’m constantly working with leaders in their fields. These people aren’t sub contractors so don’t worry, we aren’t selling your information or hiring cheap workers.

Kane Steuer is an excellent example. Kane has a keen eye for website design and works along side me, we compliment each others work perfectly as we both have unique styles we are able to apply, meaning the end result is an amazing, unique creation.

Who else might constitute “we” or “us”? That could be a graphic designer, we have a couple of graphic designers we use depending on the job, whether it’s logo / banner creation or stock image enhancing / sourcing.

Usually these people are acting as consultants, and no one receives access to your personal data.

Anyhow, enough of that. You want to learn about me, don’t you?

My name is Edward Tate, I was born in February 1988 and reside in Hervey Bay with my wife and three children. In my spare time I love fishing, boating and music (spare time, haha, I chose the wrong industry). I have always loved computers and started out doing computer repairs, in highschool I started playing with HTML and that sparked an interest in website design and development, the following few years were learning years, I didn’t start selling my web services until I was 19. Since then I have endeavored to keep up-to-date with the latest styles, techniques and trends, and will continue to do so as I love what I do.